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I-20 Request Form

This form is for students who have been accepted to a program at Texas State University.

If you have not been accepted yet, please wait to request an I-20 until you receive your official acceptance email. 

All documents must be scanned and submitted in a clear, readable, PDF format. If your document has multiple pages, you should combine your files together to submit them in one large PDF file for the appropriate documentation listed below. *Documents submitted that are not legible will be rejected and will not be considered for I-20 creation, which will delay the process.*

5. I have been accepted to Texas State University *
9. I am: *

Click here to download Certification of Financial Support Form

17. I have dependents (Spouse/Children) who will come with me to the United States. *

I certify that all information provided on this form is true and correct, and refers specifically to me, the student, for the sole purpose of processing a Form I-20 from Texas State University.