Steps after Applying

Step 1: Apply & Gain Admission to Texas State.

All students must apply through the APPLY TEXAS APPLICATION; fill out the International Application if you are out of the country or if you will be transferring in from another school on an F-1 Visa. Additional information is also available on the Undergraduate Admissions website and the Graduate College admissions website.

Note: The International Office does not handle admissions at Texas State. The services that the International Office provides normally begin after the admissions process is complete. If you have an admission questions or need information, please visit the appropriate admissions office's links below:

Step 2: Wait for your I-20, which admissions will mail you.



Step 3: When you receive your I-20, pay the $200 SEVIS fee

You must pay the I-901 SEVIS fee to activate your I-20/SEVIS record.

Save a copy of your I-901 SEVIS fee receipt for your Visa appointment and to submit to the international office.


Step 4: Complete the DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form)

You must complete the DS-160 in order to schedule a visa appointment. Learn about the DS-160 here.


Step 5: Make a Visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate

Locate a U.S. Embassy/Consulate location in your country and apply for an F-1 visa. 


Step 6: Go through the Consular Interview

Tips on getting through the visa interview and successfully proving that you will return to your home country.


Step 7:  Get your Meningitis vaccination if you are under 22

It is now Texas Law for all university students under 22 to receive a meningitis vaccination before being allowed to enroll in any classes. The proof of vaccination must be processed in Catsweb and can take a few weeks, so get this vaccination a month in advance of your departure, if possible.   The information you need to know about the Meningitis Vaccination can be found on the Health Center Website:


Step 8:  Set up your Texas State Net ID

You must activate your Net ID before you can log into Catsweb and get your meningitis vaccination processed. You'll also want to get into Catsweb and check what holds you have on your record that might keep your from enrolling in classes and check your Texas State E-mail often for important notifications.


Step 9: Arrive in time to Check-In with the Texas State International Office and attend any other orientation sessions that you are required to.

All new F-1 Students

  • It is mandatory that you check-in with the International Office and give the International Office copies of your Passport, Visa, and I-94 upon arrival.
  • Also, make sure you follow the instructions regarding completion of the Assessment of Immigration Understanding, which will be e-mail to you shortly after your acceptance. Review the presentation What you need to know about F-1 Student Visa Status & how to maintain it, and take the assessment prior to arriving in the U.S.

Undergraduate Students:

Graduate Students:

Transfer Students:

If you already in F-1 status and are transferring to Texas State from another U.S. school, you MUST Transfer your SEVIS record by filling out a SEVIS TRANSFER-IN REQUEST FORM and have your former school complete it and return it to our office within 60 days of your last day attending classes at the prior school. Without doing this, Texas State will not be able to register your SEVIS record for the semester and you could fall out of status.

Step 10:  Learn about Housing.

When you know what date you'll be arriving, plan where you will stay temporarily and where you will live for the school year using the following information.  Review the Housing Comparison Chart that we have created to understand your options.

Expand or Collapse all.

Housing Questions

Where to stay when you first arrive / Break Housing

Hotels:  If you cannot find temporary housing before orientation you may stay in a hotel, Rates for local hotels/motels can be found here

For those living in a Residence Hall:  Residence Halls allow students to move in a few days before the first day of classes. If you arrive before the halls officially open and you have a contract  with Residence Life already, you may request temporary housing in one of the halls that stay open during the breaks, for a fee per night by emailing

For those living in Off-Campus Apartments:
Off-campus apartments are all going to function differently. You should let them know that you need to be able to move in before or on the day you arrive so that you will have a place to stay already during orientation.  It may be possible to find an off-campus apartment that will let you move in the same day, but we recommend to research the apartment complexes and try to make arrangements before you arrive.

Live in a Residence Hall (Undergraduates)

To live in a Residence Hall (this is not preferred by Graduate Students), you must sign up for a year-long contract through the Residence Life website.  Housing and Dining Information and Costs

Off-Campus Housing Information

  • Apartment Locating Services

Need help finding a good apartment? Below, you will find some local businesses that are willing to assist your hunt for the perfect place to live.  Students should schedule an appointment with these companies in order to find out more information about a student's housing possibilities. 

Apartment Locator Company


Phone Number

Hot Spots



Apartments To Go



Vance J. Elliot Realty



Great Locations



Apartment Experts




Answers to your other questions about...

Traveling to Texas (what to bring, booking a flight, etc.)

Arriving at the Port of Entry

Getting Your Texas State E-mail, ID card / Paying Tuition / Purchasing Textbooks

Getting in-state tuition based on residency

Getting in-state tuition from a scholarship or assistantship


Health Insurance & Fees

International Students are required to purchase the university's Health Insurance by the first day of classes. If you do not purchase the insurance you will automatically be charged the Health Insurance Fee and it is included in the tuition bill. Learn more about the health insurance requirement and the waiver process here: