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Estimated Cost of Attendance

2017-2018 Estimated Cost of Attendance for International Students

Tuition and Fee Estimates are based on rates from Student Business Services.

Note for new F-1 Students: The amount below will be reflected on your I-20. This is an estimate for the cost of attendance for one academic year (fall and spring) of full-time enrollment (undergraduates 12 hours and graduate 9 hours).

Undergraduate Expense (12 hours)    
  Non-Resident rates Resident rates*
Tuition and Fees (Fall and Spring) $18,672 $8,712
Living Expenses (12 months) $18,655 $18,655
Total (12 months) $37,327 $27,367
Graduate Expenses (9 hours)              
  Non-Resident rates Resident rates*
Tuition and Fees (Fall and Spring) $14,962 $7,492
Living Expenses (9 months) $18,655 $18,655
Total (9 months) $33,617 $26,147

*Eligible students may receive resident rates. Please see information provided below.

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Resident Tuition / Tuition Waiver

Qualifications for Resident Tuition:

In general F-1 students are not eligible for In-State tuition based on residency.  As an F-1 student, you are expected to be living permanently in another country and therefore do not qualify for In-State residency. If you graduated from a Texas High School after attending for 3 years you may meet the criteria for in-state tuition per House Bill 1403/ Senate Bill 1528. Any residency/in-state tuition questions should be directed to the Residency Officer within Undergraduate Admissions (

Note on Changing Status to F1: Even if you have received in-state tuition previously on another visa-type, you will likely lose your in-state tuition qualification upon changing status to an F-1 student visa.

Qualifications for Tuition Waiver & Exemption:

Graduate Assistantships: 

Student who receive Assistantship will be able to change your Tuition fee to In-State as one of the benefits of working as a Graduate Student for the university.  Your department must submit a tuition waiver on your behalf before the 12th class day of the semester for the changes to take affect.

Recipients of Scholarships or Fellowships over $1,000: Students who recieve scholarships over $1,000 from Texas State also may be eligible to recieve in-state tuition. They should contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to confirm and ask who will be submitting the waiver to the Student Business Services Office on their behalf. Consult with your department if you have any questions.

If you qualify for the resident tuition rate, please use the formula below to calculate the remaining funds you need to show in order to be issued an I-20.

  Graduate Student Undergraduate Student Example
Resident Tuition Rate $7,492 $8,712 $7,492
Living Expenses $18,655 $18,655 $18,655

Eligible Scholarship or Fellowship

Award amount x number of months =


One-time Scholarship for $1,000

Eligible Assistantship

Award amount x number of months =



$1,000 x 9 months = $9,000

Remaining funds needed to show by student




Estimated Breakdown of Living Expenses and Fees  
Room and Board (Spring, Fall, & Summer combined) $11,227
Books and Supplies $1,027
Transportation $2,507
Personal and Misc. $2,093
Health Insurance (annually) $1,681
**International Operations Fee $120
Total $18,655

** International Students are required to pay an International Operations Fee of $60 each semester which is non refundable
Note: Fee estimates do not include a $30.00 for each summer session or special course fees.
More information on these fees can be found here: Tuition and Fee Definitions

Conditional Admission

  • Conditional Admission students take four TSIE classes to work toward English proficiency requirements.
  • The average Conditional Admission student takes two semesters to complete English proficiency requirements either through  official English tests (TOEFL iBT or IELTS) or through successful completion of all four advanced level TSIE courses in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
Non-Texas Resident Fees
Intensive English Program Tuition & Fees (4 TSIE classes) X 2
($4576.00) X 2 = $9152.00
For more information please visit TSIE Tuition Costs