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Tuition & Fees

Combined Minimum Estimated Expenses for International Students

Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

Tuition and Fee Estimates are based on Rates found on the Financial Aid Office Website:  Cost of Attendance for Undergraduate Students & Cost of Attendance for Graduate Students.

Note for new F-1 Students: The amount below corresponds to your admission type and is reflected on your I-20. This is an estimate of fees for an academic year and based off student degree program and full time enrollment, undergraduates 12 hours and graduate 9 hours.

Undergraduate Expenses  
  Non-Texas Resident Fees
Tuition Fees (12 hrs/semester) $18,168
Living Expenses(12 months) $16,754
Total (12 months) $34,922
Graduate Expenses  
  Non-Texas Resident Fees
Tuition Fees (9 hrs/semester) $14,597
Living Expenses(12 months) $16,754
Total (12 months) $31,351

Living Expenses & Breakdown of Required Fees for International Students  
Room and Board (Spring/Fall & Summer combined) $8,855.00
Books and Supplies $1000.00
Transportation $2,610.00
Personal and Misc. $2,524.00
*Health Insurance (annually) $1,645.00
**International Operations Fee $120.00
Total $16,754.00

** International Students are required to pay an International Operations Fee of $60 each semester which is non refundable
Note: Fee estimates do not include a $30.00 for each summer session or special course fees.
More information on these fees can be found here: Tuition and Fee Definitions

Pre Bridge Students Only *

  • Pre-Bridge students only take 4 TSIE classes in order to earn their English proficiency requirements.
  • The average Pre-Bridge student takes 2 semesters to complete the Pre-Bridge Program (earn the minimum English proficiency for Bridge admission or full admission to Texas State University)
Non-Texas Resident Fees
Intensive English Program Tuition & Fees (4 TSIE classes) X 2
($4576.00) X 2 = $9152.00
*Graduate Students are not eligible for Pre-Bridge status, for more information please visit TSIE Tuition Costs

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How Can an International Student Qualify for In-State Tuition?

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Forms

If you qualify for a tuition waiver because you received an assistantship or scholarship, please contact the Student Business Services office.  Completed forms must be submitted no later than the official 12th class day of each long semester or the official 4th class day of each summer session.

Location: Student Business Services, JCK Room 188

Residency for Tuition

An individual’s residency classification is based on information from his or her admission. Any changes in residency status or question about residency status please contact the Residency Determination Office at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Location:  Residency Website

Phone: (512) 245-3564


What is the esitimated tuition cost if I have been approved for instate tuition?

You will need to contact the international office for the estimated tuition cost.