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F-1 Regulations & Requirements

F-1 students are required to enroll Full-Time

International students who are admitted to the United States in F-1 status are required by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to maintain the terms and conditions of their nonimmigrant status. Failure to do so can result in deportation. One of the requirements for maintaining F-1 status is to pursue a "full course of study" every semester, not including the summer break. A “full course of study” is considered full-time study, which at Texas State University is defined as 9 credit hours for graduate and non-degree graduate students and 12 credit hours for undergraduatesYou can learn more about what the regulations say about a "Full-Course of Study" under 8 CFR 214.2(f)(6)

F-1 students need to have an approved Reduced Course Load (RCL) before dropping a class or enrolling less than full-time at Texas State.

There are three situations when an F-1 student may be allowed to enroll in less than a Full-Time Course Load, or when he/she may be allowed to drop a course. These are categorized as Academic RCL, Medical RCL, or Final Semester RCL. Learn more about RCLs and how to request approval to enroll less than full-time.

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F-1 Students are Required to Report Personal/Address Information

Use the International Office Address Change Portal to Keep Information Up to Date

All students must report changes of location address and home country address to the International Office within ten days of the change.  You must report the local U.S. address where you live (not a post office box number).  Upon receipt of the update, we update our own office records, and we report those changes in SEVIS, thus relieving you of any obligation to report directly to DHS.

Address changes as well as changes on alternate e-mail address and phone numbers MUST be reported. You may use the portal on our website linked above to enter your address for the International Office' Records. If you have problems with the portal please call or email the office & we will enter your address change manually.

We also request that you provide various phone numbers and alternate email address such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail (etc.)in case we need to contact you with urgent information.

Notify the International Office if your Visa Type changes

Immediately after having an approval to change status from F-1 to something else, you should inform our office by scanning a copy of the I-94/I-797/greencard/or other immigration status approval document so that we can terminate your F-1 record and leave you with your new status.