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What you need to know: Finding an on-campus job

Don't count on it to pay your bills. You must be financially prepared to pay the full cost of out of state tuition and living expenses (approximately $28,999 for the Spring-Fall school year) Unless you have an official Doctoral or Graduate Assistantship offer prior to arriving to Texas State, please do not assume that you will find an assistantship your first semester, as it is very unlikely to find an assistantship so quickly and you must be capable of paying for your tuition without the help of an assistantship.

Information about Graduate Assistantships and your eligibility:

Eligibility Students who are conditionally admitted are not eligible to be hired for Graduate Assistantships. You should not even apply for a Graduate Assistantship unless you have received full/regular admission and it is stated so on your acceptance letter.

You must be hired before the 12th class day to complete an In-State Tuition Waiver.  If you aren't hired prior to the 12th class day of the semester, you will not be eligible for in-state tuition that semester. This is non-negotiable.

GA Positions are competitive and not guaranteed for any student: Almost every Graduate student who is admitted to Texas State would like to acquire a Graduate Assistantship.  Because of this, finding a Graduate Assistantship is very difficult and competitive.  Priority is given to students who meet the job criteria best. 



The best way to find an on-campus job is to start searching in Jobs4Cats well before the semester starts. You can learn how to use Jobs4Cats here.

Give employers space and time.  We understand that having a Graduate Assistantship will help you get in-state tuition and you would like to do everything you can to ensure you have one lined up, however, employers do not like to be badgered or contacted often about their job posting. Occasionally a follow up call or email is appropriate after you submit your resume, but please limit your contact and allow the employer time to make the right decision.