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Request a Form I-20 for a Change of Status

Submit your documents using this webpage to request an I-20 for filing a Change of Status application with USCIS

In order to request your change of status with USCIS, you will need to have an I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility) created by International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

Before we can make an I-20, we must have the following:

A. Your acceptance letter to Texas State or an unofficial transcript showing you are a current student (can be printed out from Catsweb)

B. A copy of your current valid passport

C. Documentation of financial support (i.e., 3 months of bank statements), showing evidence of financial support to cover at least 12 months (and an additional $5,400 for a spouse and $3,600 for each child dependent). See the Tuition and Fee estimates for 12 months.

D. Copy of bank statements, if they are not in your name you must also submit an Affidavit of Support (either an I-134 which can be downloaded off the USCIS website if your sponsor is living in the U.S., or the Texas State Admissions Affidavit if your sponsor is outside the U.S.) which should match your financials

Answer the following questions

6. If I travel out of the country before I receive my Change of Status approval, it could result in the denial of my application. *
7. My current status must remain valid at least 30 days prior to the beginning of my first semester as an F-1 student or my application may be denied by USCIS. *
8. If I am in a dependent status and approaching 21 years of age, my F-1 status must begin at least 30 days before my 21st birthday (the day which my status will expire), or my application may be denied by USCIS. *
9. I am not eligible for the F-1 benefit of on-campus employment authorization until I receive my Change of Status approval and I am within 30 days of the Program Start Date listed on my I-20. *
10. I am not eligible to begin utilizing the F-1 benefits of practical training (CPT or OPT) until I receive my Change of Status approval and reach the Program Start Date listed on my I-20. *
11. I must submit a copy of the Change of Status Approval Form I-797/ or new F-1 Visa to the International Office as soon as I receive it. Not submitting the proper documentation can affect my status with the University and SEVIS. *
12. How do you intend to become an F-1 student? *
13. What is your residency status (tuition)? *
14. In which future semester would you like to request your F-1 status to start? (Keep in mind that approval time averages 8 months - 1 year and processing a COS in your last semester can jeopardize your chances to apply for OPT) *
15. Which campus will you be attending more than 50% of your program? *

Upload your documents

If you have read and certified that you understand the above information, please submit your documents so that we can create your I-20.

Click here to download Certification of Financial Support Form