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Filing Taxes


Watch Sprintax‚Äôs webinar recording on the stimulus payment and Covid-19 impacts on tax compliance. You will also find included with it:

  • Answers to the Top 10 most common questions from the session
  • Information about how Sprintax can assist F-1 students with nonresident status for tax purposes with amended returns
  • Blog articles on the CARES Act and its impact for nonresidents

On Friday, 20th March, the IRS announced the deadline to file and pay taxes is now July 15th, 2020 instead of April 15th, 2020. Learn more about Economic Impact Payments & Coronavirus Tax Relief

International students are still advised to file their taxes as soon as possible. Many international students may qualify for a tax refund. A tax refund may provide financial assistance during difficult times. Therefore, the sooner students files their taxes, the sooner students may determine eligibility to receive a tax refund.

Students are advised to file taxes prior to departing the US. Filing taxes and tax compliance while outside the US may be difficult.

Refer to this resource for assistance with filing taxes outside the US: Help With Filing Your US Tax Return From Outside the USA.

DSOs are not trained in the complexities of the United States Tax Regulations.

For more information, visit the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) website for Foreign Students and Scholars.

For more information on Tax Form 8843, - No Income International Student.

Review Income Tax Withholding policies for Scholarships and Fellowship Grants Paid to Nonresident Aliens Students and Scholars