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Our Mission

Support the comprehensive internationalization goals of Texas State University and assist the university in developing and maintaining an internationally diverse student body, faculty, and staff by:

•    Serve as immigration and cultural advisers to our international students and scholars, advocating on their behalf, and providing services and information that facilitate their cultural adjustment, social integration, retention and success.

•    Assist the university at large and our international students, scholars, alumni, faculty and staff in particular, in complying with various governmental policies and regulations.

•    Contribute to the research and teaching mission of the university by assisting with employment authorization for distinguished international scholars, faculty and staff.

•    Promote global awareness and internationalization at the university by facilitating international agreements, and by administering international programming through hosting and sponsoring international events.

An Overview of Our Services:

  • Assist students and academic departments with immigration processes related to non-immigrant F-1, J-1 and H-1 issues
  • Assist faculty and staff with H1-B issues
  • Host new International Students Check-in and Orientation
  • Advise international students & scholars
  • Plan programs for International Students and Scholars
  • Provide statistical reports
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