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OPT Submission Form

To prevent errors when submitting this request, compress your files and submit using reduced/smaller file sizes.

*Do not submit your documents to USCIS without a DSO recommendation in SEVIS and the new OPT requested I-20.

Must be different than Texas State email per SEVIS requirements.

Must be completed by an Academic or Faculty Advisor (digital signature is acceptable)
Select the type of OPT you are requesting: *
Contact a DSO before submitting this request.

Check that the Form Edition is correct. See:
Use only if mailing OPT application to USCIS; do not use for USCIS online application portal
Follow photo guidelines:
If passport is expired or has less than 6 months of validity, include proof of passport renewal
If more than one, merge into one document
Change of Status students only
I plan to use the ISSS address as my mailing address on the Form I-765. If yes, write in Part 2 – 5a: “ISSS, Thornton Intl House" *
How will you submit your OPT application to USCIS? *
Expired passport - submit proof of passport renewal or letter explaining why passport is expired.

I understand the following: *