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SEVIS Record Transfer-in Process

Instructions for International Students in the U.S. on an F-1 visa transferring to Texas State from another U.S. Institution

  • International students that wish to transfer to Texas State University need to meet the academic as well as the immigration requirements for this transfer.
  • Before contacting the Texas State International Office you should apply for admission into Texas State through either the Undergraduate Admissions Office or the Graduate College.


Students that have been already admitted into an academic program should follow the steps below to process the transfer of their SEVIS record. This is a separate procedure not to be confused with the academic transfer done through the Undergraduate or Graduate Admission offices. Simply transferring academically does not complete your SEVIS transfer.

1. Notify your international advisor – Designated School Official (DSO) at your current institution about your intent to transfer your SEVIS record with a specified release date.

2. Request that your current DSO complete the online SEVIS Record Transfer-in Form  It is your responsibility to make sure that your current DSO completes the SEVIS Transfer-in Form. We will not issue a transfer I-20 until we receive the following:                                                      

   1)The online SEVIS transfer-form completed by your DSO;   

   2)The online I-20 request completed by the student with all required documents.   

3. Your current DSO will update your record in SEVIS as a "transfer out" and indicate a release date. Once this release date has reached the International Office at Texas State will have access to your SEVIS record.

4. Once your I-20 is ready the International Office will contact you. To expedite the delivery of your I-20 you can request a shipping label to have your I-20 delivered. Or plan to pick up your I-20 during the mandatory immigration check-in.

5. As a SEVIS transfer student you are required to attend the International Student Resource Fair.

6. For more information on steps after being admitted visit here: Pre-Arrival Information


  • Transfer students must begin classes within 5 months of the last day he or she attended classes (or ended OPT), or the next available session, whichever comes sooner.
  • If a student completes a course of study (or OPT), the student is eligible for transfer through the end of the 60-day grace period.
  • If you are planning on traveling abroad you must re-enter the country with the I-20 from the school that holds your SEVIS record at the time.  If your release date occurs when you are abroad the Texas State International Office will have to mail you the transfer I-20.
  • A student's authorization for OPT or CPT ends on the transfer release date or the end of the work authorization whichever one is earlier.
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