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Guidelines for Hiring

STOP: Contact Faculty Records to secure an appointed position for your prospective visitor or employee before initiating visa paperwork.

Guidelines for Hiring International Faculty, Researchers & Staff

Inviting an international scholar to Texas State as a visitor, an exchange scholar, or an employee is governed by U.S. immigration law and regulations and Texas State policy.

These questions and guidelines have been developed to assist hiring departments in determining which immigration status is most appropriate and advantageous.

The following questions should be considered:

  •  What is the purpose to bring the scholar? Is it a short-term visit? Is it for collaboration between two institutions? Is it a long term research or teaching position?
  • Who will provide financial support for the scholar? Is it the scholar’s home institution or government? Is it Texas State? Is it personal funding?
  • What kind of plan do the department and the scholar have? Does the department intend to extend the appointment in future? Does the scholar have any plans to stay in the U.S.?
  • Does the scholar have a spouse who is interested in working?
  •  What visas did the scholar have in the past?
  • How soon does the department intend to have the scholar start?
  •  Who will be responsible for helping the scholar with pre-arrival arrangements such as airport arrival, housing and transportation?

Determining the Right Visa Type

Texas State uses the visa classifications described below to invite visiting scholars or hire international employees.  Departments that would like to invite or hire international scholars or employees should work through the International Office to obtain the proper documents for the individual’s visa application and entry to the U.S. or for a change of nonimmigrant status if they are already in the U.S. 

Before the department initiates a request to the International Office, they must first have an authorized position at the university secured through Faculty Records or Human Resources.  Employing an individual with one of these temporary authorizations usually requires a case specific submission of a petition to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.  Also the U.S. Department of Labor has requirements that must be met before work at Texas State is authorized.  Neither the international employee nor an immigration attorney acting on behalf of the alien or department can file these petitions for Texas State employment.

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  • Common Scenarios

Need Help?

To assist you in determining the right visa type, please call the International Office at 245-7966.