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Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is temporary employment authorization granted by the International Office. Temporary employment includes internship, practicum, student teaching, field experience, professional practice, and directed project that are an integral part of an established curriculum.

CPT work authorization is only available to F-1 students when it is an integral part of an established curriculum which means practical training must be required by the curriculum or, if not required, the student must receive credit for the training.

CPT Regulations:

  • CPT can be authorized for part-time (20 hours a week or less) or full-time employment (more than 20 hours a week).

  • CPT must be renewed each semester unless the practical training is required and approved for multiple semesters.

  • CPT Start and End Dates must follow the academic semester.

  • Students who accumulate 12 months of full-time CPT, are not eligible for Optional Practical Training.

  • Students are only authorized to work during the approved CPT start and end dates.

  • Students may only work for the employer listed on the I-20.

  • There is no restriction on compensation during CPT.

Eligibility Requirements for CPT:

  • Must be enrolled for one academic year, consecutive semesters (Fall & Spring) before being eligible for CPT.

    • Exception: Graduate students whose programs require immediate participation in CPT.

  • Must maintain full-time enrollment status during the fall and spring semester.

    • Exception: Approved Reduced Course Load for less than full-time enrollment.

  • A student in her/his final semester must be enrolled in a required course that is applicable to her/his degree program.

  • Student must maintain continuous enrollment in a course that requires CPT during the entire semester for which CPT is authorized. Failure to maintain enrollment in the CPT designated course will result in the termination of the student's CPT work authorization and the student will no longer be permitted to legally work.

  • If you are participating in CPT in your final semester and you will be enrolled less than full-time you must also submit a Reduced Course Load.

How to Apply for CPT:

  • Submit the following documents to the International Office using the button below.

    1. Signed CPT form – acknowledging you will receive academic credit from CPT

    2. Job Offer Letter from the company who you will be working for

    3. Class Schedule showing registration in a course that requires CPT

    4. Reduced Course Load Form (only if this is your final semester and you will be enrolled less than full-time)

  • A DSO will create a new CPT I-20 with approved work authorization dates. Once the I-20 is available you are responsible for picking up the new CPT I-20 at the International Office.

  • Students who do not have a social security card should review the information below on how to obtain a social security number.

Download the CPT Handout for further information and approval form

CPT approval process will take 1-3 business days

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